September 30, 2023

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30 Hottest Bob Hairstyles that Look Great on Everyone in 2023

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30 Hottest Bob Hairstyles that Look Great on Everyone in 2023

If you’re planning a trip to the hairdressers’ and need some super-trendy inspiration, take a look at these fabulous new short bob hairstyles with highlights!

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Chin-length bobs suit everyone!


Thick hair is perfect for creating sliced layer short bob hairstyles that bring out the best in your hair type. Try smooth curved short bob hairstyles that are cut to curve into the chin. Sliced layering is perfect for thinning out coarse, thick hair and with some clever layering at the ends this style will fall into place after washing.

cute short blonde bob hairstyle for women
cute short blonde bob hairstyle for women

On straight bob hairstyles you have the perfect blank canvas to paint on some stunning highlighting tones. Try dark coffee mocha brown with auburn-orange vertical highlights for a colour that enhances the smooth shape of short bob hairstyles and warms up pale winter complexions beautifully!

Frizz-free short bob hairstyles

best short curly bob hairstyle for women 2017
best short curly bob hairstyle for women

If you have coarse naturally curly hair, try snappy geometric short bob hairstyles, which are also a very trendy look this year. Again, if you ask for sliced layers this will help curly hair to be less frizzy and give smoother and well-defined crisp curls or waves!

Wear your new look with sophisticated no-fringe sleekness or add a trendy straight-across fringe!

Blonde short bob hairstyles

cute short blonde bob hairstyle for girls
cute short blonde bob hairstyle for girls

On fine blonde hair, the blunt-cut short bob hairstyles are a great way to add volume. Ask for a stacked-back cut that graduates down to frame the chin at the front and choose a parting that suits your face shape.

The center parting is supposed to be the trendiest look, but it only suits women who have an oval face. Consult your stylist on the best place to put your parting as this can really make a difference in balancing out your face-shape!

Straight or wavy

choppy balayage bob hairstyle for short hair 2017
choppy balayage bob hairstyle for short hair

Off-centre or side partings are just as contemporary and this style can also be worn straight or curly. One fine hair, I would always recommend some twisty waves or curls as it’s an excellent way to add volume!

Honey-blonde is a great shade for winter as it’s warm and softens the face and highlights in rose-gold, butterscotch or caramel will provide a lovely feminine finish to this fabulous short bob hairstyle!
Asymmetrical and symmetrical short bob hairstyles are both trendy right now and the range of highlight techniques for this season is wider than ever before!

So why not browse our up-to-the-minute Inspiration Gallery of the trendiest short bob hairstyles and find your Favorited new look now!

Brown Ombre Shaggy Bob

This adorable lady has simply beautiful hair – don’t you agree? Starting from a dark brown and blending into a beautiful blonde at the tip thanks to a trendy ombre transition, this lady’s wonderful hair is full of choppy and shaggy layers throughout, creating this textured and voluminous finish. She’s loosely flicked the ends out for this overall style.

Black and Blonde Tousled Crop – shoulder length ombre bob hairstyle for women

This absolutely stunning bob hairstyle is so on trend – adopting the shaggy style just perfectly! Her shoulder length bob is black at the root, but blends quickly into a beautiful blonde shade throughout the rest of the hair. The hair has been curled for a gorgeous finish, creating this remarkable and tousled style that we just cannot get enough of.

Trendy hair color idea for short to medium hair – Black to Silver Graduated Bob

This ever so stylish lady has the most gorgeous hair – it’s dramatic, daring and simple to die for! Working a graduated line, shorter from the back and longer at the front, this lady has added tight curls throughout the bob for this amazing silhouette. The hair is a deep and glossy black which has an ombre blend to a silver shade at the tip – amazing!

Brown Bob with Red Highlights

This gorgeous brown bob is finished around jaw level, with slightly longer strands which fall towards the front of the head and frame the face perfectly. The hair is a dark brown at the root, and is finished with bright red highlights throughout. The colour transition is showed off thanks to these gorgeous ringlets throughout, creating a wonderful shaggy finish.

Tousled Mid Length Bob – trendy bob haircut for women with medium hair

This beautiful brown mid length bob is an absolutely gorgeous cut that we just can’t get enough of! With a stunning rich brown root finished with a subtle ombre lighter brown at the ends, this amazing cut simply commands attention. We adore the soft curl and tousled finish this stylish lady has gone for, with a beautiful fringe that frames her face.

Classic short straight bob cut with bright color – Ginger to Pink Sleek Ombre Bob

This wonderful, sleek and glossy bob has stolen our hearts – we just adore the vibrant ombre blend from ginger to hot pink! As if the colour transition weren’t quite enough, this lady has opted for a super stylish and straight bob with a lightly graduated line going from back to front, finished with a fringe which frames the face to perfection.

Loosely Tousled Ombre Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

We’re starting our gallery of curly bobs strong with this gorgeous graduated bob which falls longer at the front around the jaw line and works its way to a shorter layer at the back of the head. The hair blends from a stunning light brown shade to a gorgeous caramel blonde through a balayage blend, and has been loosely tousled for effect.

Beautiful Blonde Barrel Curls – side view of soft wavy curly bob hairstyle

This absolutely breathtaking blonde bob has stolen our hearts! It falls an inch or so below the jaw, and is finished in a couple of different beautiful blonde shades! From a dark and glossy caramel shade to a gorgeous and vibrant bleached blonde, this look combines them all! She’s worked beautiful bouncy barrel curls throughout for a finish to die for.

Balayage Loose Waves – layered balayage lob hairstyle (long bob hairstyle )

This lady has opted for an equally beautiful yet slightly longer bob, with the ends just brushing the ends of her shoulders and finished with lots of lovely shorter layers throughout. The colour is a deep and dark shade of caramel at the root, blending to a lovely lighter blonde at the tips, and the loose waves throughout show off the transition perfectly.

And here is another cute long bob hairstyle you may love

best long bob hairstyles 2017
long bob hairstyles for women – lob hair ideas

Layered Ombre Graduated Wavy Bob hairstyle for women – Bob Hairstyles 2018

A graduated bob is one of our favourite wavy bob styles, starting with a shorter level at the back and graduating the length to lovely longer strands around the front, which frame the face. This lady has opted for a gorgeous long side fringe to finish her look off which we adore. The balayage blend from dark to light brown is perfect when accompanied by these loose waves.

Glossy Brown Curled Bob – Simple easy daily hairstyle for short hair – chic bob cut

This gorgeous brown bob is finished an inch or so below the jaw line, in an ever so slightly graduated line from the back of the head to the front. Finished with a side parting which creates a loose sweeping fringe effect, this gorgeous lady has added loose curls throughout the hair to create a wonderful bouncy finish which we simply adore.

Bright Blue Choppy Bob: Bob Hair color ideas – the bright blue!

If you’re looking for a total hair transformation then let this incredible lady inspire you with her brilliant blue choppy bob. Not only has she gone for a stunning crop full of beautiful and choppy layers throughout the hair, but she’s gone for a vibrant blue colour all over to perfectly accentuate the cut! We love her loose curls too – ideal for a night out.

Copper Curly Crop – layered balayage bob hairstyle for thick hair

Easy daily hair ideas for short hair – This copper curly crop is absolutely gorgeous! It’s fashionable and striking – and who could want more than that? With a slightly longer cut, the longest strands of hair start from shoulder length and finish below the ears, and this lady has curled her fiery locks to create a beautiful bounce throughout the hair that is simply to die for.

Strawberry Blonde Bouncy Bob

If you’re looking for a bob that is easy to maintain but simply full of bounce and body, then this inverted bob is exactly what you’re looking for! With a longer layer at the bottom working towards shorter layers at the top of the hair, this creates a gorgeous and curved style which looks fantastic when straight. This is finished with a stunning fringe to frame the face.

Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for bob hairstyles
Image result for bob hairstyles
Image result for bob hairstyles
Image result for bob hairstyles
Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for balayage short hair
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Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for balayage short hair
Image result for balayage short hair
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