May 19, 2022

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Berries, markets, leafminers and the Big Apple

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Saunas, scorchers, heavenly breezes and cool nights, thunderstorms, Edenic blue skies and puffy clouds: Summer, as ever, provides a little of everything.

So, too, the plant world. From black raspberry harvests to hydrangeas blooming in all their diversity, from creative planters and creative teas in local town squares and farm markets to the swamp white oaks at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City and the roses dying from rose rosette viral disease along the Hudson River Parkway near there. Let’s dig in.   

Farmers markets

Mostly missed last year, it is a fine thing to see these open again, full of fresh berries and vegetables, teas, soaps and pastries.

One such is on Saturdays in the square in Wooster. My daughter Anna’s high school friend Danelle Pope makes herbal teas in cloth packets and also displays truly wonderful woodburning crafts with highly accurate depictions of different plants such as black walnut and sassafras and botanically correct inflorescence types such as cymes and leaf types such as lanceolate shapes.

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