September 30, 2023

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Ethically Sourced Diamonds: What Are They & How to find Conflict-Free Diamonds

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Ethically Sourced Diamonds: What Are They & How to find Conflict-Free Diamonds

What Is a Conflict-Free of charge Diamond?

In it is purest perception, “Conflict-absolutely free” usually means a diamond that just isn’t applied to fund conflict – assume wars, terrorism and rebel movements. Conflict-totally free diamonds are certified via the Kimberley Procedure, a certification process made by the diamond market to stop the trade of conflict diamonds. Most diamonds obtainable right now are Kimberley Method certified, and by this definition, would be deemed conflict-no cost.

When the Kimberley Process is a superior begin, it really is normally criticized for not staying stringent more than enough. It was designed in 2003 and hasn’t been current with a present day geopolitical evaluation – there are conflicts all in excess of the globe right now that were not happening when the Kimberley Method was developed. Take Russia for example – a lot of Jewelers are even now professing Russian diamonds are conflict-free of charge even in the midst of a war. Actually ethical Jewelers will use the Kimberley Course of action as a starting up position and continue to keep inquiring questions from there.

Preserve in thoughts, conflict-absolutely free diamonds really don’t get into account the social or environmental side of definitely moral sourcing. Choose oceanic mining for instance – when it is viewed as conflict-absolutely free because it is not involved in wars or terrorism, it can be also extremely damaging to the ocean and can’t be considered an ethical option.

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