May 17, 2022

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Girlfriend is not spouse content | Inform Me Pastor

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Expensive Pastor,

I am 25 a long time aged. I am dwelling with my mother but I am operating in my father’s enterprise. My father did not marry my mom, but they have usually remained extremely very good close friends. My father informed me that a single of the factors he did not marry my mother is since she is extremely jealous, and females were being normally about him. According to him, my mother felt that a man couldn’t have so several females about him and he is not likely to bed with them.

My father has constantly had a soft place in his heart for my mother. If she is not well, he tells me to choose care of her and consider her to the medical professional. He fills her prescription and treats her as if they are nonetheless lovers.

I respect my dad and mom to the max. My girlfriend is familiar with how a lot I like my mother and she calls me a mama’s boy, and she claims I really should not be nevertheless living at my mother’s household. My father assisted me to refurbish my mother’s home and I am very cozy in this article. My girlfriend advised me that we can get married right after I depart where by I am residing. I instructed her that we will in no way get married because I am never leaving my mother.

My mom is 65 many years outdated. My father pays me $17,800 a week and out of that I give my girlfriend $8,000 each and every week, and she is working. I do not inquire her what she does with her revenue but she is always asking me for more revenue, and she does not have any children. My mom likes her but I can’t notify my mom that she wishes me to go away her home. I am saving to acquire a residence. I really don’t have a ton of cash. I instructed my girlfriend that we ought to place with each other and buy a dwelling when we are completely ready and she reported she does not think in obtaining a residence with any person. She wishes to get a dwelling on her personal, but reported that if I want, I can purchase a home and set her identify on the title. I am so faithful to this girl. I am commencing to believe that that she does not like me as significantly as I like her. I would like to have a kid and she agreed that we ought to have a little one, but every time we talk about it she asks me when am I likely to depart my mother’s household.

Please tell me what you imagine about this partnership. I will not want to make a miscalculation.


Dear D.W.,

Initially of all, I would like to say that you need to have to leave this youthful lady. You should not let the connection continue at all. She is not a superior girl and she would not have any reasoning potential. I have claimed just before and now I repeat if a man is dwelling at his parents’ dwelling and he is rather relaxed there and his mother and father are not harassing him or inquiring him to leave, he is assisting them with the expenses and he does not have to pay lease, why really should he go away there because his girlfriend believes that it is time for him to be on his very own?

If you enable this woman to inform you what to do and you are not even married, could you visualize what she would do if you fellas had been married? You are with your mother and she is now an elder. You did not say if you are her only kid but I can go through by means of the traces. She loves you and your father respects your mother and at times he helps her even though they do not have an personal romantic relationship. You are cozy at this residence. Why are you allowing for your girlfriend to convert your head? I tell you this, sir, straight up, she is not spouse product. I am making use of the people’s word.

What a lucky girl to be getting $8,000 a 7 days from you and you really don’t ask her what she is doing with it. This woman isn’t going to have any perception. You advised that you could set some cash alongside one another and obtain a household in the potential and she explained she is not purchasing any dwelling with a male. That girl is conversing like an fool. So son, run this woman out of your existence proper now. She is not a very good female. I don’t even feel I should say extra.