May 22, 2022

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NY Times’ glowing profile of Lindsey Buckingham displays its hypocrisy

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Just when you feel The New York Periods couldn’t get any extra hypocritical, right here will come a glowing profile of a acknowledged abuser, a gentleman who victimized his famed girlfriend-slash-bandmate in excess of the several years — but you will not see one particular word about it. 

In actuality, the paper of history valorizes him. 

Lindsey Buckingham Has Survived It All,” goes the headline to Lindsay Zoladz’s profile. Unbelievably, this female journalist performs together with Buckingham as he miracles why Stevie Nicks ignores him. 

“Buckingham isn’t positive what it would take to get them to hash things out,” Zoladz writes, “but he is open to mending fences.” 

How generous of him. How egregious of Zoladz and the Occasions. 

Buckingham’s abuse of Nicks was an open key in rock ’n’ roll for decades. It was ultimately documented in “Gold Dust Female,” the 2017 unauthorized biography of Nicks. 

Writer Stephen Davis wrote that Buckingham bullied the then-25-12 months-old Nicks into posing topless on their debut album cover — just about triggering one of rock’s accurate greats to quit in advance of she commenced. 

Following the couple joined Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham “began to lose control” in excess of Nicks, bandmate Mick Fleetwood stated, adding that Buckingham “really didn’t like it” as her independence grew. 

He became abusive. Nicks told her mother in 1977 that Buckingham threw her to the ground. 

Nicks informed her mom in 1977 that Buckingham threw her to the flooring. 

He tried to excursion and kick her though doing onstage in 1980. He also slapped and choked Nicks during a battle in 1987, in front of the band. 

“I believed he was heading to kill me,” Nicks said. 

But The New York Periods seems absent. 

Buckingham’s real difficulty with Nicks, I believe, is that she’s a star in approaches he will not at any time be. And he’s normally been, in my impression, a awful piece of function. 

To quotation the late, fantastic Elmore Leonard: “If you operate into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you operate into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” 

So Lindsey Buckingham keeps seeking to convey Stevie Nicks down to his amount. He blames her for ousting him from the band for superior, not offering the fans what they want, for currently being bitter due to the fact — wait for it — he has young children and she does not. 

More than at Rolling Stone, author Stephen Rodrick can help our so-known as Terrific Man float this theory

“Buckingham miracles if his capability to have a family members in his late forties and early fifties was tricky on Nicks.” 

Mick Fleetwood said that Buckingham “really didn’t like it” when Stevie Nicks' independence grew.
Mick Fleetwood mentioned that Buckingham “really did not like it” when Stevie Nicks’ independence grew. 
Newsday RM via Getty Pictures

There is not much lower to go than that. 

How can these publications — which pride themselves on becoming progressive and feminist, on the correct side of historical past — venerate a person who presumes to know why any female does or does not have children? Who wonders this aloud, with the distinct intent of humiliating Nicks? Of making her fewer than . . . what just? A female? Is Lindsey Buckingham implying that all youngster-no cost ladies are inferior and offended? 

I guess it even now needs to be claimed: The good reasons girls do not have little ones can be manifold and agonizing, or deliberate and releasing. But they are nobody’s business. Ever. 

Like all abusers, Buckingham realized just where by to strike, for the reason that Nicks felt compelled to handle it. 

“I was thrilled for Lindsey when he had youngsters,” she explained in element, “but I wasn’t interested in generating those people exact same daily life selections. These are my choices that I get to make for myself. I’m proud of the everyday living decisions I’ve manufactured.” 

Nicks ought to by no means have experienced to describe herself. 

Buckingham must be ashamed. 

But I’m sure he is not, and won’t at any time be, since an adoring media refuses to put him where by he belongs: in the shadows, with all the other monsters of #MeToo.

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