May 20, 2022

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Poet Maggie Smith balances natural beauty, brokenness in ‘Goldenrod’

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Growing up in Columbus, Maggie Smith put in many carefree, childhood days discovering the creek that ran via the backyard of her family’s house.

“And, when I was a child, it was a river, mainly because when you are 6, even a creek is a massive human body of water,” Smith claimed during a modern job interview at her Bexley house. “We built a stone bridge to get across, because we knew the little ones who lived on the other side of the creek. And I’d devote so significantly time managing down the hill, heading into the woods at the bottom, actively playing in the creek and just getting filthy. We’d acquire vegetation to make potions and scoop up regardless of what we could discover: salamanders, minnows, these minimal water bugs that skate across the best of the water and make small dimples on the surface area.”

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