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The Scoop on Clothing, Tattoos & Piercings

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Starbucks Dress Code: The Real Scoop on Clothing, Tattoos & Piercings

Considering of implementing for a position as a barista and thinking what the current Starbucks costume code is? Particularly what staff members can and are unable to put on for the duration of lengthy shifts on their ft? Or possibly you are pondering about their stance on tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles. Starbucks employees do have to follow a particular gown code even so, that code is somewhat versatile in terms of allowing staff members to use qualified, yet relaxed apparel. Whether you’re thinking about functioning at Starbucks oneself, or are only curious, study on to learn almost everything you need to have to know about their costume code.

Starbucks Dress Code: The Real Scoop on Clothing, Tattoos & Piercings

Does Starbucks Have a Precise Dress Code?


Starbucks does indeed have a particular costume code.

When Starbucks does have a gown code, the gown code is relatively casual and flexible.

Workers are necessary to wear the company’s green apron and clothes parts that match the apron’s eco-friendly coloring.

This consists of wearing shades like black, grey, navy, brown, and white.

However, employees are not allowed to dress in clothing that clashes with the apron (i.e. vibrant pink, orange, etc.).

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Any Colours I Can’t Use?


You can’t use any shades that clash with the company’s environmentally friendly apron.

As a result, workers can not wear colors these types of as vibrant pink, purple, yellow, and so forth.

Any Precise Products I Cannot Dress in?

Not always.

As very long as the supplies seem specialist and really do not interfere with employees’ do the job, there doesn’t appear to be any unique materials off boundaries.

So, workers can have on leather, wool, and denim products as prolonged as they are qualified.

For occasion, an employee cannot use a denim mini skirt to operate or dishevelled denims that are way too revealing.

Nonetheless, an personnel can put on denim denims that are properly sized, don’t have holes, etc.

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Any Garments Goods That Are not Permitted?


Although Starbucks does give its employees overall flexibility to costume casually and easily, this does not imply employees can don whatsoever they want.

Starbucks tries to assure personnel are at ease, while still putting on specialist apparel that does not pose any protection risks.

Listed here is a record of clothing objects that aren’t permitted to be worn by Starbucks personnel:

  • Sweatpants
  • Yoga pants
  • Open-toed sneakers
  • Heels
  • Baseball hats

Meanwhile, here’s a list of apparel goods that are acceptable to have on as a Starbucks worker.

  • Blouses
  • Collared shirts
  • Turtlenecks
  • Denims (no holes)
  • Khaki Trousers
  • Sneakers
  • Skirts (previous knee size)

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Can I Have on Yoga Pants?


You are not able to have on yoga trousers as a Starbucks employee.

Yoga pants are just a person of the many clothing objects workforce can not have on for overall look and protection considerations.

What About Jewelry?

Of course, staff members are allowed to don jewellery at Starbucks.

As extended as the jewelry does not interfere with their function it’s high-quality.

This would seem to involve ear gauges as I have viewed quite a few Starbucks staff with them.

Are Piercings and Tattoos Allowed?


Starbucks does allow their workforce to have piercings and tattoos as very long as it does not interfere with their work and is not offensive.

When it comes to facial piercings, the only one particular they are all right with is a nose stud.

Can I Put on Jeans With Holes or Rips?


Starbucks employees are not authorized to don jeans with holes or rips in them.

This is because even though Starbucks supports staff emotion casual and relaxed, they also want to preserve a professional environment.

Any Hairstyles That Are Not Permitted?


There does not seem to be any hairstyles that are deemed off-limits at Starbucks

As extensive as the personnel maintains a sense of professionalism and is hygienic with their hairstyle.

I have hardly ever noticed a Starbucks employee with a mohawk, but I have viewed quite a few with very colorful hair.

With that explained, it will have to be a long lasting (or semi-everlasting) hair color.

You can not have momentary dyes that could operate as that could produce a health challenge.

You also are unable to have glitter in your hair or sprays that could flake off.

What Should I Dress in to My Starbucks Job interview?

Even though there is no correct outfit you will need to wear to a Starbucks job interview, it is advised you dress business enterprise everyday (i.e. blouse, slacks, khakis, a button-down, and so forth.).

As well underdressed (putting on sweatpants) might seem to be like you do not care about the interview.

Meanwhile, remaining overdressed (ie. dress and heels or a suit and tie) is much too official and avoidable.

Question the Reader: Do you operate at Starbucks? If so, do you feel their present gown code is much too rigorous or about proper?

By Kyle James

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